„At first glance, …

… the inside of proofs looked already attractive, and while working on them during the weekend my appreciation about the quality increased. Also the paper is nice. Still quite some work to do.
Here are the main points  . . .“

(Author before production)

nach Veröffentlichung

On Friday evening, I received the catalogue.
It is a beautiful book with a modern look. The cover is wonderful.
The mixture of diagonal and upright images provides the book with a dynamic rythm, and the absence backgrounds gives the individual images plenty of space.
The letter is clear and makes reading easy. Well done!
I am really happy with this result of our common efforts!

_ _ _ _ _

For the exquisite and clever design of the catalogue we are especially appreciative to Christian Ring.

_ _ _ _ _

We got the catalogue that you sent us just now.

It’s very luxury and all the work printed are wonderfully beautiful. We want to praise of it. We are  happy that 《Sea》, which our museum holds, is introduced in large space. It will be a precious  document for our museum. It will be in the collection of our library which belongs to our museum,  and will be in good use forever.

_ _ _ _ _

2020 Erschienen bei Hirmer Verlag

seit 2022 erhältlich im Rijksmuseum Shop, Amsterdam